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International Professionals Committee

Our Vision:

      Wichita is a community where international professionals thrive.


Our mission:

     To provide networking opportunities to international professionals in the Wichita area.


 Our goals:

     To promote the Wichita Area Sister Cities Organization and support the WASC goals of:


  • Cultural Exchange

  • Partnership Building

  • Business & Trade

  • Community Development

  • Youth & Education


      WASC activities to better integrate cultural exchange, partnership building, business and trade, community development, and youth and education.


      The International Professionals Committee Monthly meetings are on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. For the meetings, address call  Ms. Aimee Leisy



Co-Chair:- Ms. Azeb Telele

Cell :- (316) 633 - 0593

Chair:- Ms. Aimee Leisy

 Cell:- (316) 350 - 5600

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